Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Are We?

I realize we don't exactly keep this up-to-date. Blogger has proved to be more of a hassle than we anticipated - not the keeping up with it so much as the uploading of photos. It takes forever and we can only upload a couple photos at a time or it will give us an error message. Annoying! Often, I'll upload photos to Facebook where most of you read updates about us anyway, and sometimes I'll put stuff up on flickr (, so you can pop over there to see some photos as well. I've also been posting stuff on Tumblr (, but that's more arty stuff that I like or make on there - not updates about what we're up to.

I'll give you a wee update here anyway, but you may find your stalking more successful in those other locations. Jeremy and I have both resigned from our teaching positions. I won't go into details about it because this is the web, but most of you already know our reasons for leaving. It just wasn't what we expected and we couldn't condone or put up with what was happening there, unfortunately. We are definitely still interested in teaching, we're just not sure where that will be yet!

For the time being, I'm a Barista at Starbucks. I just started this past week, and I'm really enjoying it! I love learning how to make all the different drinks and talking with the customers. The people I work with are really great as well. They've been so helpful with my training, and they are just fun people to work with. Some perks of the job: I get to take home a free bag of coffee or box of tea every week, I get free drinks on shift, and discounted drinks/food when I'm not working, and we're required to do a coffee tasting every shift! Starbucks wants their employees to be knowledgeable of the products, so they require us to test all the drinks!!

Jeremy has applied to a nursery (kindergarden) and had two interviews with them. It looks really promising and we're just waiting patiently for the call. So things are really looking up for us after the stressful beginning to the school year. We are much more optimistic as we look to the future and decide what our next step is. We're applying to schools for the Fall all over the world (Kenya, Taiwan, Canada, Scotland, etc), and we're just hoping that something will come up for us!

That's it for now.

Katie xo.