Saturday, May 8, 2010


Jeremy and I went shopping this morning to see if we could find anything to wear for next month's festivities. We're attending the End of Year Ball that my program is holding, and we are going to a friend's wedding in the Highlands! We headed to H&M first, because they tend to have some nice choices for good prices. Jeremy was looked after in 5 minutes flat. Jacket & Vest were decided on so quickly. Oh the ease of being a man. I, however, was worried that my quest for a dress would prove to be a little more challenging. I am, afterall, a woman. Surprisingly, I only had to try on two dresses before I found one that I quite liked. And I already have shoes that will go with it! Done and done. Oh, and Jeremy decided to purchase some faux glasses because he thinks they make him look distinguished. He also insisted upon a photo shoot when we got home so that he could update his facebook photo. So here the product of his shopping success:

My dress will remain a mystery for the time being. It is blue.