Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Christmas Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from Roy Bridge when we were there at Christmas.

This is St. Margaret's Church. We attended on the Sunday. It's the church my Dad went to when he lived in Roy Bridge. The priest was probably the same one from when Dad was there, by the looks of him. He had two feet in the grave! hahaha
Lovely sun flare. It was like that pretty much all day.

This was taken by Jeremy and edited by me. Good eye, Jeremy!

It was so nice on Christmas Day! We had gorgeous sunny weather!!

This is inside the Stronlossit Inn in the Restaurant. We spent most of the day here by the fire on the Sunday before we caught the train back home. There's a sign on the hearth of the fireplace that says, "Don't hog the heat. Other people want to stay warm too." I had gotten sick on Boxing Day and still wasn't feeling so great. I downed a lot of tea while Jeremy helped himself to a few pints of Guinness! We also chatted with Maurice, the owner of the Inn, and childhood friend of my Dad's! According to him, Roy Bridge isn't much different than it was when Dad lived there. He remembers staying with my Dad's family once when they had moved to Bear's Den and watching Dr. Who when the show first came out. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Roy Bridge

Jeremy and I spent 3 nights in Roy Bridge in the Highlands of Scotland over Christmas. It was very beautiful. And it was great fun visiting some of the places Dad talks about from his childhood (since he spent part of it in Roy Bridge!). All the photos were taken on Christmas Day. I got sick on Christmas night and spent Boxing Day in bed. Shame. Enjoy the photos! There are actually a load more that I haven't edited yet (because I'm very particular like that), so you may see some at some other time. In the mean time, enjoy these ones.

This was the view from our hotel! We had arrived at night, so it was great to wake up to this view!

Christmas morning! Jeremy and I in the hostel kitchen having breakfast.

The Roy Bridge Hotel where we stayed. Dad told me that when he and his brothers were younger, they would nick the empty bottles from the back of the hotel and bring them round to the front to get the deposit money!

Along the main road through Roy Bridge. Duck crossing!

The Stronlossit Inn. Dad was friends with the guy who owns this Inn. The Inn used to be a farm. Jeremy and I spent some time here on our last day in Roy Bridge. The Bar Lounge is lovely. We chatted with Maurice (the owner) for a while. He talked about what Roy Bridge was like when Dad used to live there. Apparently, not a lot has changed.

View of the school yard from the road.

Roy Bridge Primary School. Dad lived at this schoolhouse when he was young. His dad was the Headmaster and his mum was a teacher.

This is the road leading to the train station... er... platform. There's no actual train station anymore.

There we are!

A little blurry, but I still like this shot.

Jeremy says this shot is "epic."

I'm pretty sure we trespassed on someone's farm...

I love the light in these two shots. That's Jeremy up the road. I was constantly lagging behind because I kept stopping to take pictures.

Jeremy liked this tree because it looks golden and stands out against the blue sky. I agree.

We had a great time in Roy Bridge, despite my getting sick. It was fun to explore and put a picture to Dad's stories.

Christmas Eve is the new Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from Katie and Jeremy! I know this blog is a little late.

Since Jeremy and I were going to Roy Bridge for Christmas, we opened our Christmas presents sent by my parents on Christmas Eve morning so we didn't have to bring them with us.

Jeremy's excited to start ripping the presents open! I know, we don't have a tree. It's sad. We've put up our own Christmas tree a total of ONE time since we've been married. The sad fake tree sits in a cardboard box all by its lonesome.

I love this scarf! I now have a total of 11 scarves with me. I still have a few at home. Jeremy bought be a pink tartan cashmere scarf for my birthday. I love scarves.

Hmm. I wonder what could be in here?

Gotta have my Timmy's. Mmmm. I missed you so.

Lovely Fossil earrings from Santa. Love the box they came in too!

Jeremy got some great gifts too. We've already read this whole joke book. It kept us entertained on the train to and from Roy Bridge. I think this one is appropriate given where we're from and where we currently live:

Q: What do you call Scottish Catholic Native people?
A: Mi'kmaqs.

Jeremy was very excited about his box of Hickory Farms. We ate the contents while chatting with family on iChat.

Reindeer droppings. Yum.

And this is on the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow. The train was delayed for about 40 minutes and we were worried that we missed our train from Glasgow to Roy Bridge. We didn't. The train waited for us! A blog from our trip to Roy Bridge will follow shortly. Sorry for the delay in posting this!