Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have a notebook back home (I forgot to bring it with me) that I call the Zap book, only because it says "Zap" on the cover for some reason. I use it to record funny things that kids say. There's a lot in there from when I was a nanny in Ottawa. Lately, I've been recording bits and pieces on post-it notes so I don't forget some of the funny things I hear during my placements. Currently, I'm with a P2 class (equivalent of Grade 1). Here are some of the gems:

I did a lesson with a group of kids about things different animals eat and what they like to eat. They had to write different repetitive sentences beside each animal: "I like grass" "I like bones" etc. When it came to them doing the sentence about themselves, one kid asked, "how do you spell 'boogers'?"

A kid in my class was looking at a world map. I asked if he knew where we were on the map. He pointed to Scotland. I pointed to Ontario and said, "this is where I'm from. I got on a plane and flew all the way over here," and showed him with my finger moving over the ocean. His response: "it's a pity you've got to work on your holiday!"

Two Karate teachers came in to teach the kids some moves (why they decided to teach 27 six year olds how to kick each other is beyond me). Anyway, after kicking one of the pads being held up by the instructor, a kid came running up to me all excited and exclaimed: "I kicked him in the PENIS!"

We were reading a story about owls and the teacher asked, "Why do you think the boy owl was giving the girl owl a dead mouse." A kid responded, "because they are in love!"

The teacher asked the children what a manger is. A kid said, "it's a little house where babies get made."

Hope you enjoyed some of those. It's difficult to keep a straight face when kids say funny things. If you giggle a little, the whole class bursts into laughter. Trust me.